Vanessa was born in Antigua. Her family settled on island in the late 1800’s as Vets and farmers. Her higher level of education was completed in Florida and graduated University with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design at Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale.
Yes, Vanessa is the sole photographer at Vanessa Hall Photography.
Yes. My sister, Laura, assists with lighting, equipment and a general liaison throughout the day.
info@vanessahallphotography.com During the summer months ( June – October) trekking in my husbands footsteps, from port to port, I continue working; editing, attending workshops, emails and inquiries, updating my website and reservation system. Technology is great!!Internet is infrequent unless in port so if I don’t respond immediately you know why. Admittedly, a little patience is needed but you will hear from me at soonest.
Typically, from mid June to early October we are based either in the USA, UK or Mediterranean areas. Every year our location changes. 2013 takes us to the Mediterranean coastline of Mallorca, Sardinia, Corsica, Montenegro and Greece.
Yes, I love to travel! My assistant and I travel to destination weddings around the Caribbean; Mustique, Palm Island, Dominica, Anguilla, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. During the summer, I’ve even considered portrait sessions while in port, feel free to get in touch and say hi. You just never know where I might be. My essential gear travels on every passage.
Majority of our weddings are elopements without family or friends. Many American, Canadian and European couples escape to the Caribbean for an intimate ceremony and romantic setting.
October to June. It’s also the coolest time of year to be in the Caribbean.
Hermitage Bay, Jumby Bay, Carlisle Bay, The Inn at English Harbour, CocoBay, Curtain Bluff, Sugar Ridge, Galley Bay, St. James Club, Verandah, Blue Waters, Jolly Beach Hotel, Copper and Lumber, Private Villas and Restaurants.
Sandals is an All inclusive couples resort and their policy says NO. Sorry, not my rules. We hope that Sandals will one day open the doors to outside photographers. Many couples book Trash the dress or Portrait sessions off property.
Absolutely! I recommend local vendors who are reliable and great at what they do.
Yes. Portraits sessions are available.
50% deposit is required to save your date. Google checkout is used for deposits. However, the balance is due in cash on the wedding day.
Our reservation system will send you a payment request at booking time. Google Checkout accepts most credit cards. An email will be sent with a private login to view your booking. Information on payment, contracts etc are easily accessible.
Retainers are 100% non-refundable. New inquiries from future brides are turned away for the specified date, which is why it’s non-refundable.
The balance is due on the wedding day in cash. We do not accept credit cards in Antigua nor can we provide change. We ask that you bring the exact amount. If you prefer to make the final payment via credit card then this is can be done prior to your wedding day. Please email us. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced couples that leave the island without making a final payment.
Unless you hire a 2nd photographer I cannot be in two places at once. If the groom is 5 doors down ( not on the other side of the property ) then there’s a chance I can sneak away.
That would be lovely. Energy is fuel, to be on our best performance, a nice hot meal is appreciated.
After the wedding day. At the time of booking please notify me of your departure date so that I can schedule the day after session several weeks prior to arrival and confirm availability. Most of you are on island for a few days only.
Yes. You are responsible for getting to the desired location to meet my assistant and I.
Vanessa, using various mediums of software edits all weddings, trash the dress and portrait sessions.
Currently 10-12 weeks.
All images can be downloaded directly from the online gallery.
Unedited images are not available for viewing. Only the best images are carefully selected, removing unacceptable photos that are out of focus, eyes closed, bad composition and lighting, flash misfire, over exposed, underexposed, awkward facial moments, unflattering postures and inappropriate moments etc.
I know how excited you are to see a few photos. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to fulfill what seems to be an easy task. The workflow created to be efficient, as a solo editor, would delay the que of clients waiting on their final images.
Absolutely! The online gallery is a private gallery with password access. The password can be passed along to friends and family members. It’s great way to share photos with overseas guests and others who couldn’t attend. Photos are available to purchase, simply add to cart, select sizes and checkout.
Directly through your online gallery is an easy, reliable and efficient way to receive quality prints.