Seasonal Guide

The busy wedding season is from October to June. To ensure availability in Antigua, advance booking is recommended due to the short Caribbean season. During the slow summer months I’m off island spending time with my husband where ever the yacht is based. Their location varies year to year but generally sail within the USA and Mediterranean waters. Luckily for me, Seumas is home, in Antigua, during the winter months.

My assistant and I are well traveled within the Caribbean region. In addition to Antigua and Barbuda, we’ve covered weddings in Anguilla, Dominica, St.Kitts and Nevis, Mustique and Palm Island, Grenadines. Travel expenses are additional to all photography packages. With your permission I take care of booking flights, hotel and if needed, a rental car. At the time of booking full reimbursement is requested. Our local knowledge of the region is an efficient guide for inter-island flights, reasonable hotels, restaurants and sights.

Sunset civil weddings: Our suggested times may not be ideal for every event but I will advise accordingly. Civil ceremonies last about 20mins.

Click here for Sunset times

Small Outdoor ceremonies: Avoid getting married in the heat of the sun. 2 hours before sunset is a good recipe for great images without harsh shadows and squinty eyes. Photography is a major investment and I only want the best for you.

Unlike the northern countries, there isn’t much time between sunset and twilight. Request your hotel wedding coordinator to hold off cutting the cake and toasting until after the photos. That way, we make the most of the best lighting for ceremony and portrait photos.

Church Weddings: Ceremony length 45mins to 1-1/2 hours. Consider travel time from the church to reception site or portrait location. Allocate ½ an hour for family portraits and 45 mins for couple portraits.